Новшество для стерилизации ножей от sterilAir AG

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Новшество для стерилизации ножей от sterilAir AG

Сообщение Познышев Вадим » 15 май 2010, 15:50

Ещё одно новшество посвящено стерилизации ножей:


Innovation in meat processing: knife disinfection
Contact-free UVC dry disinfection of knives increases microbiological security in meat production and has many advantages over conventional knife sterilisation. Knife blades stay sharper for significantly longer. Furthermore, this disinfection method ensures constant high sterilisation levels. Energy costs can be reduced by up to 85 percent since hot water is not required when using this equipment. This avoids common problems like limescale formation, the risk of scalding as well as the production of water vapour, which causes mould growth. The mobile, free-standing sterilAir knife sterilisation unit can disinfect three knives or sharpening steels in rotation.

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